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We conduct specific private surveys for individual clients and also more general open surveys, where the detailed results are only given to the participants. Below, we have given summaries of some of our major surveys.

Collections Unit Effectiveness, Onwards and Upwards
The objective of this survey was to measure the effectiveness of collections units in bringing customer accounts up-to-date when compared to the level of sophistication reached by the organisation in terms of tools, technology and policy - significant mismatches seem to be developing.

Predictive Dialler Performance

Having a good, dialler-based outbound collections telephone unit is
vital for most consumer lenders of any size. To develop and maintain good dialler efficiency and effectiveness, at the broadest level an organisation needs four things - a good and well installed system, large and well structured downloads and queues, well-managed, motivated and measured teams, and good technical management of connect rates. This survey set out to measure the extent to which financial services organisations in the UK were achieving such efficiency and effectiveness.

Since the survey was released, nearly half of the respondents have been able to use the results and our dialler programme to make significant improvements to their performance.

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