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Our ‘re-engineering’ add-ons make an already good collections unit very much better. Our tools and products come in various forms of deliverable  – some are ‘out of the box, plug and play’ and some require somewhat more tailoring and installation effort. However without exception all our tools are designed:

·          To allow you to do much of the work yourselves

·          To ensure you adopt as much of best the latest industry best practice.

For more information about these tools contact Margaret Jennion .

Diagnostic Tools (at any point on our Collections Staircase)- typically used in one-off planning exercises, where major, structural decisions are to be made. Also useful as quick positioning tools. Available by email or Internet.

Collections-In-A-Box (used typically around midway on our Collections Staircase)- best practice generic components that every collections unit needs, available singly or as a complete set.

Production Management Tools (used typically in the upper half of progress on our Collections Staircase) - a small but important group of low cost tools that provide support to daily management of collections operations.

Providing outstanding management consultancy to the financial services sector