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Help Yourself to A Better Collections Performance


In 2006 we reported "....that many EU collections units are still severely  ‘underinvested’ and therefore underperform, to the detriment of NPA, profitability, customer experience and shareholder value. Cure rates may be as much as 12-15% below what they should be. Happily, most collections units now understand the issues involved and are working to raise their game in terms of the our ‘Staircase’ of skills, investment and achievement. But when progress is dictated by a low budget or by internal IT limitations, it may be painfully slow...."

In late 2007 we released a series of ‘self-help’ software products for use in consumer cards and loans collections units. Designed to move organisations
further up the Staircase with only minor investment cost, they are quick to install and do not require an IT project.

At which level of the Staircase are the three products aimed?

 Ø      For units at almost any step on the Staircase our Agent Management Software a ‘must-have’ for all supervisors and team leaders.

§        Answers almost all the questions you will raise about Inbound and Outbound telephony performance, at agent, team, time-of-day, and strategy / cycle level

§        Available ‘off the shelf’ or tailored to your own agent assessment methods.

Ø      For units at step 5 or above - our Dialler Management ‘Software Plus’

§        Software and programme help you drive up your Accounts Worked Effectively (i.e. with good successful contact in the standard 5-10 day window) by 15-25%

§        The software answers questions like “what if I spin the dialler 2.4 times not 1.9 times?” - and also increase my calling rate and radically change my shift pattern?

§        Establishes regular meaningful weekly targets and analysis.

Note - Mini-DMS was made available free on CCA's download website from August 2007. Just click on the CCA Downloads tab on this site.

Ø      For units at step 7 or above - our Collections Management Software

§        After nine years of successful use by our own consultants, now packaged for you to use on your own PC, laptop or PDA

§        At any point in the day, in any meeting, for any of your products, you are quickly able to answer ‘what if’ questions such as:

§        What if I change my strategies to do more calling earlier on Risk Group A accounts? Or only accept PTPs in the first 30 days?

§        What if I lose 25% of normal hours over the summer period?

§        An option – the system can also report and display your unit’s current monthly performance data using our Manager ©Head Up Display mode, with detailed supporting work-rate and efficiency analyses.

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