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City Consulting inspires and carries out tactical management consultancy projects in consumer finance and banking, finding the financial and operational gaps which create opportunities to increase revenues or to lower costs and losses. It also provides management training and self-help tools and software to rapidly increase financial performance.

Our consulting expertise includes operations effectiveness (for example call centre management, collections unit effectiveness), financial services marketing (targeting, telemarketing and retention), product positioning and launch, and strategy development for consumer risk management. Our track record tangibly demonstrates our success through significant added bottom-line profit for our clients, year after year,

Cumulative benefits achieved by our clients over the last two years exceed 30 million - for an investment of perhaps 2-3% of this figure.

We have a very high market share in the niches where we work. Our clients come to us because of our very extensive knowledge which combines with our incisive ideas integration and our advanced tools and methodologies to provide rapid problem understanding with clear identification of the financial value of operational and product performance change
In projects where we use our tools and methodologies we will always guarantee practical change and benefit of at least 5 times our fees.
Our consultants are experts in the areas of credit and risk management, with particular skills in credit card products, unsecured personal finance, motor finance, revolving and instalment consumer lending, including mortgages.
We have worked for five of the top eight UK banking groups, five of the six top UK direct lenders, and five national plus four smaller UK credit card portfolios comprising over 50% of UK issued cards. In addition to UK clients, we have worked for clients in Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

Providing outstanding management consultancy to the financial services sector